I am Banu Aysolmaz, assistant professor in Eindhoven University of Technology, Information Systems Group. My research interests include the use of algorithmic systems, their understandability, trust, and the impact of explanations in different industries, development of business models considering big data and algorithmic systems, business process management, information systems development, business process model comprehension and visualization. Previously, I worked as an assistant professor at School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University and a post-doctoral researcher in Business Informatics group of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I was funded as an EU Marie Curie fellow for my project named PRIME, which focused on process model comprehension and visualization.

I received my PhD and masters degree in information systems from Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey. As the research focus in my PhD, I developed a unified business process modeling methodology, UPROM and a tool to support it to integrate business process analysis with user requirements analysis, software size estimation and process documentation. My doctoral thesis received 2014 METU year of the thesis award. I was a part-time lecturer in METU in 2014-2015.

Starting from 2009, I worked as a consultant and researcher in the areas of business process management, software process improvement and software development in many organizations in Turkey. I have been involved in many process improvement projects and capability maturity level assessments (CMMI, ISO 15504). I worked in and led many business process analysis and modeling projects in governmental organizations and  software development companies.

My previous experiences include software project management, software quality management and software development in many areas, specifically 3D military simulation software.

Contact me at:
email: banu[at]aysolmaz.com, banuays[at]gmail.com, b.e.aysolmaz[at]tue.nl
skype: banuays
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The PRIME web page on Process Model Animation is now active.
You can try it here.

This is our tool for modeling processes and
generating natural language requirements
documents. You can get the Eclipse plug-in here.

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